Forge PDX is an emerging, local expression of the wider Forge America Network, a network of missional pioneers, communities and churches who are seeking to join God in His mission in this world.

 Our Desire:

Through networking and collaborating with others, we who are associated with Forge in the Portland area desire to:

1. Support:   Forge PDX desires to support and encourage other like-minded leaders and faith communities in our region as we pursue a common kingdom vision.

2. Strengthen:   Forge PDX desires to strengthen and train other like-minded leaders and faith communities through the shared resources of knowledge, experiences, and financial resources.

3. Serve:   Forge PDX desires to gather with other faith communities and networks to serve the neighborhood and city in which we live. We want to always be asking, “How can we bring about life, blessing, restoration, and hope to our community and city?”


General Curriculum for missional training/activation:

We want to contour the basic curriculum based on the makeup and experience of the cohort. Still, please check out this document link as it will give you an idea of the generalized curriculum, dates and expectations/requirements of a “resident” participating in our upcoming 8 month cohort experience:

An example of where we’ve been:


How to Apply:

Please go to the APPLY page of our website  and download the application.  Follow the instructions as indicated and/or call our recruiting/placement coordinator, Mark Seger (503-939-8706).