We are so pleased that you are considering joining our next Residency! Before you proceed with filling out the application, the ForgePDX leadership team would like to share with you some of the key assumptions from which we operate:

  1.  Church planting and building communities of faith are important to God and to the future of the church.
  2.  We have somehow missed important clues that lead us to an effective missional life, but they are discoverable with God’s help.
  3.  Urgency for action has come to bear upon each one of us.
  4.  God is present in culture and invites us to discover the Spirit’s presence and activity.
  5.  The Holy Spirit will guide us and teach us to discern what a missional lifestyle might look like in view of the unique relationships/factors at play in our given context.
  6.  God has uniquely gifted each of us to express God’s mission in the world, and we can bloom wherever we root ourselves in Christ’s name.
  7.  God does not intend for any of us to operate alone, but has much encouragement to bring to us and through us via others who are seeking to follow Christ into God’s mission.
  8.  What any of us derives from this missional internship is very much dependent upon our personal commitment to engage the training events, coaching sessions, assignments, and peer discussions – we come with hearts expecting God to move, and with confidence that each of us has something valuable to bring to the table.


NOTE: After completing the application, either email it to Dan Steigerwald at dsteiger@caimail.net or post it to:

Dan Steigerwald
7730 SE 45th Ave.
Portland 97206