Looking ahead…

A synopsis of some of the practical themes/material our 2017 Residency plans to cover together:


Like all Forge America missional training “residencies,” we aim to help people grow in three primary areas: 1) Missionary Thinking/Living; 2) Sustaining a Mission-shaped Spirituality; and, 3) Leading and Growing Missional Community. We offer an array of learning opportunities to foster this growth that include learning intensives, interaction with books, people and other resources, group processing events, and missional coaching. These can be accessed in the following ways, though we highly recommend option C to deepen the outcomes (those w financial difficulties can apply for some waivers):

  • Option A: Three two-day learning Intensives w/ experienced practitioner-trainers
  • Option B: Three Intensives + two group processing events + closing party
  • Option C: Three Intensives + two group processing + six 1-hour coaching sessions –

The following outcomes are representative of takeaways participants can expect to gain. These are of course dependent upon one’s engagement with what’s on offer. Upon completion of the residency each participants will be able to:

  • Understand and practice who God is uniquely calling them to be;
  • Describe and embody what it means to be a local missionary; and also pass this lifestyle on to others;
  • Live out missional practices in ways that sustain their soul.
  • Deeply connect with missional people across their home city;
  • Empower more women and diversely-gifted people to do mission;
  • Discern and set their own progress targets (rather than imposed metrics).

The following dates, topics and presenters represent the tentative plan for our 2017 residency. Personalized coaching and outside reading and assignments deepen the entire experience.  NOTE:  Our Forge training for 2017 is on hold for the moment, as we discern how best to proceed into the future.  This however does not preclude our getting together with individuals, teams or churches to explore how we might situationally help activate communities into mission.  Feel free to drop us an email (see below) if interested in connecting.

Ramp –up (Oct-Dec, 2016)

  • Complete application and have intake conversation(s) w/ one of the Forge hub leaders;
  • Secure and begin reading & interacting w/ recommended missional resources that prepare the participant to get the most out of the learning journey ahead.
  • Attend optional “Meet n’ Greet” in Portland on Saturday, Oct. 22 at 5:30-8:00 pm.

Intensive #1 (2 days during Jan 12-15)

  • New identity and praxis in culture (Dan Steigerwald)
  • Our mission grounded in the missio Dei & the Incarnation (Trey Doty)
  • Neighborhood listening and generative themes exercise in the city (Deb Loyd)
  • Getting our bearings amid shifts/changes (Dan Steigerwald)
  • Expressing your unique story through life-mapping (Deb Loyd)
  • Activating and passing on a missionary lifestyle (Dan Steigerwald)
  • Unpacking our multi-faceted gospel (Trey Doty)

Group processing (Sat, Feb 11) – Official truth vs. grounded truth, plus discerning success metrics

Intensive #2 (2 days during Mar 9-12))

  • Shalom from the inside out (Dan Steigerwald)
  • Exploring the nine Sacred Pathways (Deb Loyd)
  • Self leadership for sustainability (Trey Doty)
  • Practical good-newsing (Dan Steigerwald)
  • Discovering our core metaphor (Deb Loyd)
  • Stewarding our time, talent, treasures (Trey Doty)
  • Field trip to interact over a local missioning venture (Mark Seger)

Group processing (Sat, April 8) – APEST diversity & collaborative leadership

Intensive #3 (2 days during May 4-7)

  • Finding “thin spaces” in each other’s stories (Deb Loyd)
  • Building balanced teams with strengths in view (Deb Loyd and Mark Seger)
  • Metrics for mission part 1 and part II (Dan Steigerwald and Trey Doty)

NOTE:  Forge strives to make this training as affordable as possible.  Given that we offer quality, road-tested training and missional coaching by experienced practitioners, the $1500 is a great deal!  However, some do face financial limitations, and we don’t want to exclude anyone who needs to be in this process.  So, if God has been good to you lately, we ask that you consider helping us sponsor others who have financial challenges (a tax-deductible donation for this is possible). Through the generosity of some individuals and local churches, we have been able to provide scholarship help, but that fund has to be built up with each new run of the missional Residency.

To apply for the 2017 Residency, please go to the RESOURCES button and download the application.  Follow the instructions as indicated, and/or call our recruiting/placement coordinator, Mark Seger (503-939-8706).  To ask questions or otherwise explore more about Forge PDX as a forming network, please contact Dan Steigerwald (hub team leader) at dsteiger@christianassociates.org or Deborah Loyd at deborahloyd@gmail.com or Trey Doty at trey.doty@responderlife.com or Mark Seger at markseger4@gmail.com