Forge Portland is pausing our regular Residency this season in order to revamp the Curriculum and come up with a more optimal way to conduct the missional training process.  We’re reflecting back on what we’ve learned in running the past three Residencies, and we hope to re-engage with the training later in 2017.

In the meantime, here’s some important ways we’re connecting:

  • Every other month or so, we’re doing a ForgePDX “Meet and Greet.” These are events held at various Portland venues where we’re not only connecting and sharing stories, but also highlighting and interacting over a particular missional ministry or justice/compassion trajectory that one of our friends is facilitating here in the city.  Please let us know if you’d like to be in the loop on these by contacting Mark Seger (
  • Don’t hesitate to contact Dan, Deborah, Trey or Mark, if you want to explore other ways to connect or help build the ForgePDX community, or otherwise help us network with other missional folks here and in other PNW cities.  We’re also open, as schedules permit, to doing various gigs (e.g. training & coaching) with individual churches, church plants, organizations, seminaries, etc.
  • Forge America now runs an online Residency. This could be a great option for some Portland folks in this interim period. Here’s the details we encourage you to check out: or otherwise contact Forge America’s training director, Ryan Hairston (