Contact: dsteiger@christianassociates.org
Blog: http://dansteigerwald4ca.wordpress.com

For the past 19 years Dan has served in various leadership capacities with Christian Associates International (CA), a missional church planting organization with projects on four continents. Under CA, Dan led a team to plant Crossroads International Church of The Hague (http://crossroadschurch.nl), where he then served as lead pastor from 1997 to 2004. He has worked coaching and training church planters for the past decade, and presently serves as Pacific Northwest Director and Strategic Author/Scribe for CA.  Dan also works bivocationally, overseeing and participating on two leadership coaching teams (one with Bridges, a Los Angeles based coaching group focused on training missionaries and church planters; the other a group of executive coaches working with Master of Divinity students at George Fox Seminary).  Dan earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership in the Emerging Culture at George Fox in 2009, and now serves as an adjunct professor for the seminary.

Prior to his arrival in Portland, OR in 2006, Dan spent over 20 years in Europe and various developing world countries serving as a missionary, church-planter, pastor and leadership coach/mentor. He is passionate about leadership development, making missional theology practical, and helping churches and pioneers birth missional-incarnational churches. Dan also cares very much about earthkeeping and green issues, and loves being a practitioner in seeding all kinds of missional initiatives in his neighborhood and city.

Dan resides in southeast Portland with his Canadian wife, Ann, and the two serve in a new SE Portland church known as Theophilus. Dan and Ann have two jet-setting daughters they love and adore, Andrea and Jenn, along with two little mongrels named Lola and Toby.